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About Lash Makers

My name is Elena and I am the founder and educator of the brand. The reason this website exists is because I’ve always wanted to create a tool for sharing a few things with other lash artists – first of, the products. This is such a huge part of our business, since day 1 I’ve started lashing I was always on a hunt for the best supplies I can possible get: countless bottles of glues – good and horrible, primers, lashes – always in categories: the “faves”, the “back up” the “meh, but I’ll keep it” ones… Tweezers – never ending story, you always have that 1 favorite pair that you are dying to get more of but when you try to get the exact same one, it’s just Never the same. Tiles and organizing solutions! – I was never happy with any lash tiles I’ve ever purchased… And so I’ve made one and that’s right there worth sharing.

Today Lash Box and tiles designs are patented in 4 countries (China, USA, Canada and UK) and we are proudly offering you the original work right here at

I have created a line that includes products that I personally use on daily bases and I want to share it because I know how hard that is to constantly search for better lashes, better glue, better tweezers, keeping up with the new trends and stay relevant with supplies and services we offer to our clients. I always keep thinking what else I can offer you to make your work easier and more sufficient. We also made classes registration easy and complete info accessible – you can review a full schedule for upcoming training dates and sign up to our classes in a click of a button. So go ahead, browse the training schedule, check out the products catalog and if there’s anything I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to contact me at, it will be my pleasure to hear from you.