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Lash Makers

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39 reviews
Love these

Absolutely amazing loved it!!!

by Adrienne
Master Class

I got to put a big ✅ next to two things on my Biz Bucket List this past few days. I got to take one of my top 10 #lashcrush trainings this week as well as attend the International Beauty Show in Las Vegas.
Both were amazing. My head is full of some bomb new knowledge, my hands are ready to practice the hell out of this advanced volume technique from the founder of @lashmakers and my heart is full!!!
If you are an experienced lash artist and want to learn the most luxury level lash technique, ready to be inspired, have your mind blown by the experiences she shares as a lash artist, entrepreneur, and general bad ass, as well as connect with a rare soul that is @lenaasher (who by the way, is so genuine that there were moments I felt like I had met her in a former life and she was speaking to my soul) and take your technique to the limit- Take her Master Class! Take any of her classes!

by Glitter_kc Kim Trentham

I have trained volume lashes with Elena twice. She is the absolute best. I also swear by her products. I love everything about her and this company!!

by Courtnay Wilson
112 Tweezers

My little lifesavers! I could not lash without these...they are the absolute BEST. Boot tweezers are NOT created equal. I have a ton of tweezers and these are hands down the unicorn of boots.

by Erin
Best training ever!!

Lash Makers training has changed my life!

Elena is such a boss ass women that she is able to impart that mentality into you. I had so much fear, doubt and lack of confidence before I took this training, even though i was a good artist. She changed the way I look at business, and I never looked back.

If you still doubt how good it was? I took the training twice!

Thank you Lash Makers for everything!

Ps. Their products are pretty bomb too!!

by Lia
Quality products

I have been introduced to Elena and lashmakers after my first training class and after my own personal lash business I swear by all her products. I know her personally and her attention to detail and demanding personality makes me trust her brand with my eyes closed. 100% recommended

by Maria Jose

Amazing customer service and super fast delivery! Absolutely love their products. If you’re looking for tweezers that works, then look no more!

by Dee

Elena is truly the top of the food-chain when it comes to lashing. Her training is unparalleled, and I have never been trained by someone who was able to pin point the skills most challenging to me- fanning and retention, and effectively have me complete her class with confidence that I may be as great as her one day if I keep practicing. She challenges you not only in the lashing aspect, but business as well. I don't know what other word to describe her besides bad ass. I didn't even flinch when purchasing her course because I knew that she was the best and I had to learn from the best. This is coming from someone who has taken a lash course from probably EVERY single lash academy out there. If I would have taken Elena's from the beginning there wouldn't have been a need for the others. The Lash Makers brand is highly respected because the quality is incomparable. My clients are so so happy since I've learned from Elena and started using her products.

by Jax Vu @lashbeach